Why have a massage during your pregnancy?
To help ease pregnancy related discomforts, or simply to enjoy some much needed 'me-time' as part of your self-care routine during the ever-changing journey of pregnancy.
Depending on your stage of pregnancy, as well as your previous history you may be feeling discomfort through: the hips, feet & legs, wrists & hands, or neck and shoulders.
Before your treatment commences, we'll chat so I have a good understanding of how your body is feeling on the day.

Clients often experience some of the following benefits with regular massage during pregnancy:
- improved quality of sleep
- reduced discomfort
- reduced stress or anxiety levels
- Increased connection with baby

To allow preferable access to the often sore hip area, as well as for safety of Mum & baby, pregnancy treatments at CARE remedial are performed in the side lying position.
With a specially designed cushion to support your growing belly, along with other pillows for support, to ensure you're as comfortable as possible during your CARE treatment.

Oils used during your CARE remedial pregnancy treatment are specifically blended for each trimester of your pregnancy.
Essential oils contained in each trimester blend include:

Trimester one: rose absolute, Australian mandarin, roman chamomile & spearmint.
Trimester two: Italian bergamot, rose geranium, patchouli, ginger & neroli.
Trimester three: Spruce pine, Australian orange, Australian lavender, ylang ylang complete & vetiver.

Please let your therapist know before your massage if you have any concerns with any essential oils, and unscented coconut oil will be used during your treatment.

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