beyond birth

As you ride the newborn roller-coaster, and recover from birth, your body is working overtime to heal you, and nourish your baby.

Amidst the reduced sleep, nursing (& gazing!), fluctuating hormones, and general adjustment of having another being around, often the last thing you’re thinking of is ensuring you’re in an ideal posture!

As your body adjusts to new demands and new positions, tension and niggles often creep (or scream!) in.

Post-partum massage focuses on relieving your physical discomforts, whilst being aware of hormonal and emotional changes during this transition.
Performed by a NurtureLife® pregnancy & post-partum massage practitioner, beyond birth massages can be performed as soon as you wish, post vaginal birth, or two weeks (or sooner with obstetrician clearance) following a caesarean birth.